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I certify that the facts contained in this application (including any resume or other materials submitted by or for me) or statements made during any interviews are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein and also authorize my present and former employers, and any references listed, to give Royal Oaks Lifecare Community any and all information concerning my previous employment, educational background, criminal convictions, credit history, as well as my other pertinent information, personal or otherwise. I authorize Royal Oaks Lifecare Community to make an investigative consumer report whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with neighbors, friends or others with whom I am acquainted. This inquiry, if made, may include information about my prior employment, military records, education, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, criminal records and mode of living. I understand that I have the right to make a written request to Royal Oaks Lifecare Community within a reasonable period of time to receive additional detailed information about the nature and scope of any such investigative consumer report that is made. If I am denied employment wholly or partly because of information contained in a credit report from a consumer reporting agency, Royal Oaks Lifecare Community will advise me and supply me with the name and address of the consumer reporting agency. In consideration for Royal Oaks Lifecare Community review of my application, I hereby release all parties from any and all liability for damage that may result from furnishing and receiving this information. I agree to immediately notify Royal Oaks Lifecare Community if I should be convicted of a felony, or any crime involving dishonesty, controlled substances, sexual misconduct or violence, while my job application is pending or, if I am hired, during my period of employment.

I agree to submit to a drug and alcohol screening process as a prerequisite to employment and if requested or if required, at any time during my employment as a condition of continued employment. Additionally, upon acceptance of employment, I agree to submit to a physical examination. I understand that such examinations will be conducted only where they would be similarly required for all individuals under like circumstances, and that all such physical examination results will be kept confidential. With respect to both the drug and alcohol screening process and physical examination, I hereby hold Royal Oaks Lifecare Community harmless from any and all possible liability arising therein from.

I understand and agree that, if hired, I will conform to the policies, rules, regulations and procedures of Royal Oaks Lifecare Community and that my employment is for no definite period and may, regardless of the date of payment of my wages or salary, be terminated by Royal Oaks Lifecare Community or by me at any time for any reason, or none, with or without prior notice. I further understand that this "at will" employment relationship cannot be changed by any written document or by conduct, or if such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Oaks Lifecare Community. I also understand that completing this application does not indicate that there is a current job opening and does not obligate Royal Oaks Lifecare Community to hire me, and that nothing contained in this application or said to me during this employment process constitutes a guarantee of employment for any definite period of time. Furthermore, none of the employment manuals or handbooks that may be distributed to me during the course of my employment shall be construed as a contract.

Finally, I understand that during the course of my employment with Royal Oaks Lifecare Community, I may learn or develop certain confidential or proprietary business information, including, but not limited to, plans, procedures, methods, designs, logos, slogans, financial information, computer-based applications and schema, recipes, trade secrets and similar information. I hereby acknowledge and recognize Royal Oaks Lifecare Community as the exclusive owner of such confidential business information and I agree that I will not at any time disclose such information to persons not employed by Royal Oaks Lifecare Community, unless I have the prior written consent of the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Oaks Lifecare Community.

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